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help with: intel pro wireless 3945ABG, usb ports and sigmatel 9200 on dell e1505 6400


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i have just installed kalyway 10.5.2 and it seems to be running fine. When it reboots it gets stuck in an endless rebooting cycle, but when i switch it off and then boot up it is fine. The problems i am having are with the:


1) wireless intel pro wireless 3945ABG

2) usb ports

3) sigmatel 9200 audio

4) ati x1300 graphics


i have tried the kexts from here (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=15474&hl=e1505+dell) but with no avail, still nothing!



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Hi, right i attempted to install kalyway on the same laptop as you, but with no sucess!


1. Intel Pro Wireless, currently as far as i know, there is no driver for it, although i believe dell tremobile cards work as airport cards!

2.I found that usb ports only worked when there was something phisically connected to them, upon startup, aqlthough there is a terminal command (somewhere on the forum) which, when entered finds the usb devices, etc!

3. I got Sigmatel audio to work, although only through the in built speakers, as far as i know you can't get the line out/headphone jack to work.

4. This is the point where i gave up and i am sure you will do the same, currently there is no driver whatever for this card, and at a guess you are probably currently stuck @ 1024x768, on a 1280x800 display!


That is what hapened when i did the exact same install as you!

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