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6800XT quartz not working 10.5.6


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Hey all. Originally I had Kalyway 10.5.2, with Nvinject 256 installed. everyhting worked right out of the installation. After the update to 10.5.6, installing NVinject 256 again, my card was no longer recognized. After adding it to all the plist files, I now have hardware acceleration working, but Quartz is disabled for some reason.


How can I fix this? I have searched and could find nothing that had an answer. Can I just reinstall the whole Nvinject driver set from 10.5.2? or will that break things?



My specs:


Mobo: Asus P5LD2-VM (Chipset: Intel 945G Express ICH7R)

Video Card: Nvidia 6800XT (256mb)

Audio: ALC882

Drives: [Main Os X Drive] 20GB IDE Maxtor [Windows Drive] 250GB Western Digital SATA [Portables] 500GB WD, split 50/50 between HFS and NTFS, 100GB Seagate Latptop Drive-NTFS (pulled from my old macbook pro, put in enclosure)



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