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I have been pulling hair out for the last 12 hours searching the net and trying millions of reboots to get iDeneb v1.3 to install on my machine. I haev seen posts of people saying it work with no problem - I have seen people with my same board post saying that they had working installs, so what is my problem?


Downloaded and patched (nforce) iDeneb 1.3.


Installer boots fine, when i go to disc utility I see none of my 3 hard drives.

I then power down - install an old IDE 250 gig drive - this time disc utility sees a drive - but thinks it is only 128 gigs. What gives?


I have read people saying the lack of drives available in disc utility is because I need to enable AHCI mode - this doesn't exist in my bios. I have heard that THIS is rememdied by mod'ing the bios - I cannot any such Bios mod.




Asus p5n73-am

Intel duo core - 2.5ghz

3gigs ocz ddr2 800.

nvidia gforce 7500 256 meg

1x 500 gig sata

1x 500 gig sata

1x 250 gig sata

1x 250 gig IDE


Realtek 8139 NIC

generic Firewire card.

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