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No keyboard/Mouse after install (both USB)


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Hi all! It's my first time installing MacosX (ideneb 1.4) and after several other problems (waiting for root device, installing macosx several times) i can now boot it! But when it happens, there is no keyboard or mouse at all... i use both usb.. and i dont have an ps/2 to try :/


I tried to select the USB FIX on ideneb installation without success...

Is there any workaround??


Here are my specs:

P5k-SE / C2Quad 2.4ghz (Q6600 / 4GB RAM 800mhz / IDE HD 40gb (just for macosx) / SBLive (installed KX driver from ideneb) / USB keyboard + Mouse / Radeon 4850


Thanks in advance!

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