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Intel 3945 ABG wireless trouble


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First off, I know nothing. It took me a week to put OS X on my laptop, and 3 additional days to install kext files to make it work without an external monitor. Even then I didn't know how to open a terminal so I had to download a kext installer.


Right now, my primary concern is that I have no wireless connection in OS X. It's quite a hassle to boot to XP, save it to external hard drive, then reboot to OS X to retrieve the file.


For a couple days, I've been trying to fix this, and today, for several hours, I was wrestling with iwidarwin, but I was never able to work the NetworkSelector.


I don't see the wireless icon at the top right in OS X, and have no internet. And when I go into System Preferences>Network, I only see Firewire.


I have a Toshiba P105-S6048. And I ran Everest to find out that I had Intel 3945ABG. I'm sure there is a fix for this, but I'm just having too much trouble trying to go it alone.


Can anyone help me walk through this please? With as detailed steps as possible? Thanks

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