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Ideneb 10.5.5 on Acer M1100

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I recently (today) installed OSX on my Acer M1100 and the install itself was flawless. I have the latest available Ideneb for Intel and AMD. I am however now able to

>> /usr/misc/script.sh Leopard (if you named the partition 'Leopard', if you gave it another name, replace 'Leopard' with your name)
. I always get a "folder not found" etc.. error.


I installed this on a partition of my current hard drive with the intention of being able to dual boot it as well as Vista. Can anyone help me get this figured out. Until I get it resolved, I can't boot in to either operating system. I can hit F8 at the boot/Darwin screen, but it still boots to the DVD, so I think that I am {censored} out of luck until I figure out how to get the /usr/misc/script.sh command to work.


I have browsed page after page on google etc... and found no resolution.

Thanks for any help given, I really appreciate it. Great job guys.

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