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Installation at IBM T40p (or other T40/T41/T42)


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Hi there.

Can anybody help me? I've installed multiple times iDeneb and iPC distribution of osx86. But after the install I can't move on.

I will be grateful if anybody can tell me how to install Mac distro on my computer and which drivers for chipset etc. to choose.


The only working for me is Kalyway 10.5.2, but I want newer and with kext to my hardware (iDeneb has it, iPC too). And Kalyway was booting for about 5-6 minutes. :/


My specification is:

Pentium M 1.6GHz

14.1 SXGA+(1400x1050) TFT LCD,

64MB ATI Fire GL 9000, - probably works Natit

16x10x24x/8x CD-RW/DVD,


1Gb Ethernet(LOM) - Intel 10/100

802.11a/b Wireless(MPCI) - chipset Atheros


Can anyone help? Sorry for my english.




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i have a ibm t43 and i was able to install osx86 with iatkos 4i using kernel toh

i also install using iatkos v5 and kernel vodoo sound works and wifi works, ethernet have some problems but can be fix, the video is the one i couldnt make it work with QE


try intalling with a kernel vodoo it should work ok

or please give us more details of your hardware to help you

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I've installed and tryed to run with voodoo but without success.

I've downloaded another distro of hackintosh - xxx. The same as always (like iDeneb, iPC).


Here is my specs from Everest - if something more is needed give me a sign.



PS. All distributions stuck on this:

"using 5242 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers".


All, exception is Kalyway mentioned in my first post.


PS.2. Maybe helpful information for u - I've installed Kalyway only with this kexts:

Apple ACPI Platrfom Expert 1.03.

I/O APIC Interrupt Controller Driver 1.1.0.


But if I remember it works also with

MOBO chipset

Apple Nvidia nforce driver

Apple onboard pc ata driver

apple via ata driver

apple generic pc ata controller driver

siliconimage3132 chipser


But... Very, very slow (system was booting for about 5-6 minutes (grey apple logo)).

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Hi i' ve installed 10.5.8 and start in than one minut and wark all very fine this is the method:

Install iPC 10.5.6


Voodoo Kernel 9.5

Chipset Drivers -> LegacyAppleIntelPIIXATA drivers



Video - none

Audio - AC97

Ethernet - Intel PRO 100/VE

Wireless - Broadcom (I replaced the stocked wifi)

USB Drivers -> Patched USB Drivers

Power Management Package


Fixes and patched:


Seatbelt.kext 10.5.5

PS2 Mouse fix


CPUS=1 One Core Fix


Patch DSDT


Applications - All


Bye Bye and sorry for my italian english

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