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I dare someone who has manage wireless


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I am a new Windows XP/Mac user my last contact with Mac OS from 8.9 to... was 10.5.5 which I install only to try a very small application that all, after that I use Vista is a matter of fact I made my on version for the regular browsing man. Who use all that weight anyway so here I am after all those trials a very happy XP user with double booting 10.5.2 to use the Adobe Suite which I am familiar in Mac and I am very thankfully of Mr. Kali for allow me use that OS with out spending money unnecessary on a machine that those the same thing that a PC do. And yes let be clear I own Leopard, Tiger, Panther and Puma + the OS9 series CD's and DVD's as well. But all I need is XP for browsing, composing, promoting, selling, buying, talking and all other private things ones use a laptop for and have not to spend more than $ 300.00 dollars. Kaly10.5.2 install with every thing working (remember I know Mac) from the start except wireless and who need it anyway I was a Safari user for 5 years and I was happy so happy that I use to use it in XP till one day Chrome show up and change everything so who need wireless in Mac they don't have Chrome. So here is the True unless some one show all of us with success how to do wireless on OS-X on a ThinkPad I have come to the end of the route "WIRELESS DON'T WORK" no matter what card you use or how many kext's you install or third parties application.

I dare someone who has manage it to show me how not only to point me to spending in gadget that won't work anyway and I beg for the shake of other to stop lying and come clean to save hundreds or thousand of hours of unnecessary and useless work.

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