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Strange Behaviour and Sounds


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Lately I've been noticing a few strange things going on around my Mac. First up is the I keep getting the "funk" sound that you normally hear when you try to do something that you can't do, y'know like an error sound? Hope that makes sense. Thing is, I'm not doing anything to trigger the sound, and I'm not getting any messages or anything, everything continues as normal so I can't work out what it is that's causing the sound?


Next up is a very strange thing going on in my trash can. If I drop something in there and then open the trash to take a look, the item I just put in there will be over to the right, as though there were other items in front of it, except there's nothing there. When I drag the icon over the left a file suddenly appears with a gobbledegook name (just a random series of numbers and letters, though it always starts with "M4Y"). It's just a blank file, quick look reveals nothing and when I go to "Get Info" the icon disappears again!


Lastly, also related to the trash can, whenever I empty the trash I tend to do it as a secure delete, which of course takes longer to do causing the progress bar to appear. Even if there's only 1 file in the trash, it always says that it has at least 7 or 8 files to delete, sometimes more. I don't understand what's ending up in the trash without my knowing about it?


Any light you guys can shed on the situation would be a big help!

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