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Keyboard problems and sluggish Mouse


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Hi guys,


I have had several failed attempts at getting OSX installed alongside Vista. I am now trying to install OSX fresh without any other OS on the PC. After my first install, I had graphics problems. Even though I chose my ATI x1600 graphics drivers during installation (mine is AGP, not sure if it needs to be PCI), I was getting a display: family specific matches fails. I am now trying to install without any graphic drivers installed and it worked.


Now my problem is that when OSX boots up (both regular and safe mode) the mouse is very sluggish and the keyboard has problems too. The mouse takes like a second to respond to movements. I know it's not the system that is slow because once I do get to a place and click, it responds immediately. As for the keyboard, it doesn't type properly. If i simply press a key, nothing happens even if I wait awhile. If I hold the key down for half a second or hit it a few times, then the character appears several times. I am using the Logitech EX110 Wireless USB m/k combo. I never had this problem in Windows so I don't think the problem lies with the mouse and keyboard.


I did several re-installs last night to try and fix this so hopefully I what I list is what I selected for my last installation.


I have:

- AMD 4000+


- ATI x1600 AGP

- MSI Motherboard w/ VIA chipset (Device Manager in Windows listed a lot of VIA stuff, so I am assuming it's this)


What I selected:

- 9.5.0 Voodoo Kernel (for AMD processor)

- VIA chipset

- No Graphic Drivers

- No Audio

- No Ethernet

- No Wireless

- USB Patched Drivers - I know I selected this a few times, may have tried unchecked too. Not 100% sure.

- CPUs=1. I know I selected this pretty much always. It was late and I may not have selected it the last time.

- Marvin's AMD Utily

- OSx86 Tools Utility


Any help to the sluggish mouse and improper keyboard? My only other option is a ps2 keyboard and wireless mouse. I don't have a corded mouse.

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