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SOLVED: System Hanging after (apparent) successful install using Kallyway


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I installed Kalyway on my Asrock ALiveXFire MB. It took quite a while, but it did finally finish.


When I reboot, I get the spinning beach ball.

I am able to get into single user mode, if I continue beyond that, I see (this is from memory, so please ignore any spelling errors):


Jettisoning Kernel Linker

SIGSEGV Error: 0


I also tried using a different Kernel, but it hangs right after "Jettisoning Kernel Linker".


I also tried using the movevideo script, but that doesn't make any difference.


(The weird thing was that the Kalyways DVD worked fine. (It was really slow)).


Any ideas?





EDIT: Did several things:

1. Switched to SATA drives. (This speeded up the install process)

2. Selected custom configuration:

a. Switched to Speedstepkernel only

b. Added AMD Patch 1

c. For Video Selected NVIN (not NVInject)

d. Since I saw it was loading the realtek network driver (and it worked from the kalyway CD), turned off all other network drivers

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