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AppleNForceATA - Slow Booting

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Does anyone know if slow booting on an NForce 680i board is normal?


I used to have a Gigabyte board and that would boot OSX in litte under a 10 seconds. With this Nforce board using the latest MeDevil AppleNforceATA.kext it takes nearer a minute and half.


It looks like it's something to do with the detection of the drives as looking at it -v mode it seems to just wait around for most of the time running something called IOKit which fails writing kernel symbols?


Anyone know if it's possible to speed this up as OS X boot time over Vista was one of the main reasons I switched! Having said that, it's still faster!


Just would be nice! ;)


Using the Voodoo 9.5 Kernel from iPC 10.5.6 by PCWiz if that's significant.

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Same here....AMD 3800

MSI k9n Neo-f ver.1 Nforce 550 chipset


OSX86 iDeneb 10.5.6


When i disable from BIOS the IDE bus boots very quick, when its enabled it show an erros of NforceATA find 0 devices and waits until it times out.

I can read from dvd and cd but i cannot burn any of them.

Please help us someone :D

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