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I have a Gigabyte P35-DQ6 motherboard. This motherboard has the Intel P35 chipset, and the Intel ICH9R "I/O controller hub".

I have 1 SATA 3.0GB/s hard drive (AHCI).

I have an Intel quad core processor.


I am seeking to install Mac OS X, but "vanilla".

I know that since I do not have Mac hardware, I can not have a 100% vanilla installation.


How is a typical close to vanilla installation done?

A modified small disk is loaded (boot-132) which has modified kernel extensions that detects the drives, and then you can load the vanilla OS X passing these drives?

Do I need to have a different kernel?

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I have a 10.5.6 retail image in DMG format. I have access to Windows XP and Linux. I have tried every tool available. dmg2img, dmg2iso, HFSExplorer, TransMac. I have tried mounting the file in Linux as an hfsplus and hfs image.


How can I delete things such as XCode and other languages and printer support from the DMG under windows, so that the DMG is small enough to be written to a single layer DVD, but still functional?


dmg2img: ERROR: dmg file is corrupted

dmg2iso: Property list is corrupted


In HFSExplorer and TransMac and UltraISO, I can see all of the files and directories and the kernel. The DMG is not corrupted (to my knowledge) The MD5 sums match.


Linux is unable to mount it with the following command:

mount -t hfsplus -o loop mac.dmg /media/foo


bad superblock, wrong FS type

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