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Need help to edit ROM file...

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Hi guys,


Regarding this topic: http://ipis-osx.wikidot.com/forum/t-134725...der-leopard-wtf


I understood that the FSB is directly related to the ROM, and there's a kind of non-volatile memory that keeps the FBS as it is when I reboot from Windows to Mac.


Ok so now the deal is to find a way to keep this FSB at the value we want...


So I started by looking at the Kabyl ROM file for my eeepc 1000h and started to play with AMIBCP.exe




I would like to know what can happen if I change the "No Refresh" text by "User" for the FSB related line?


And I would like to know where can I edit and set my own default FSB value?


Am I on the right way?


Thanks for your replies.




You know what, this is stupid, because we need to change:


- PCI Express bus clock frequency

- Real FSB frequency


And what is shown into the Bios is the global FSB after the multiplicators.


Well... I'll try to find another way.

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