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Kalyway 10.5.2 on HP Compaq 6720s


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I have HP Compaq 6720s and i wanted to install kalywaly on it. It contains 120GB SATA as shown on its specs page on hp site.


I followed http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...DualBoot_10.5.2


I have a 27G FAT32 partition, another 65G NTFS, one 30G ext3 partition. Now when i open Disk utility the NTS and FAT partition are shown in black fonts, all others are in grey font. If i format the FAT32 partion to Mac OS Extended* with * could be jounaled, case-sensitive, and that stuff, then all partitions including the 27G partition is shown in greay font. Another thing is that if i format, and check the partition details at the bottom of Disk Utility, i see that its still msdos/FAT32. And if i continue, i cant select any installation media. If i keep it FAT32, i can select it and that NTFS partition, upon selecting any of those, in the middle of install i get:



"Install Failed

Mac OS X could not be installed on your computor


The installer could not install some files in "/Volumes/MAC". Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.

Click Restart to restart your computor an dtrying again."


I tried with enabling/disabling SATA Native Support but i keep getting this error:


Any ideas?

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