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XFX 680i lt

Logan Byers

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Hello, This is my first post on this form but I have been reading on here ALOT. I have a XFX 680i lt motherboard and a q6600 processor. I am attempting to install leopard using the 132 disk method. Whenever I load into the 132 disk and I eject it and load in my leopard disk and hit enter, it just hangs for a while. I let it set there for a little while and then came back and it had a series of errors. I am not sure I remember what they said exactly but it was just basically saying it could not load the disk. I tried this multiple times with no avail. What should I do? In the guide to do the method it said I had to put some weird file on the disk. I did not do this because I could not find the file. Could this be the problem?


Thanks for awnsering all of my noob-ish questions!

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