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I have never built a PC before and would appreciate if someone took a look at this list and could tell me if first the parts are compatible with each other, and second they are a good fit for OS X. Also, since I have never done this before is there anything necessary that I have left off the list that I will need? Thank you














Could someone please recommend a good optical drive as well as a power supply with the appropriate connections.


Your help is greatly appreciated.



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Thank you,


That board is the one I meant to pick, I got it confused. So If I am not going to be doing any gaming do I even need the graphics card? I wasn't able to tell from the boards specs if it had on board sound and graphics? If I could get away with not having to buy one it would be great. Thanks again.

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Are you really planning to buy from several different vendors? I think you may stiff yourself on shipping by doing that, and even end up being held up by one vendor or another shipping something way late. If you can, just stick with one vendor, like newegg or Tigerdirect.


It's hard to go wrong with the mentioned Gigabyte P45 motherboards. And yeah, an 8400GS is a great entry level graphic card.


One thing to keep in mind with a PSU- I highly recommend one with an 8-pin 12V connector, as the Gigabyte EP45-UD3(x) series boards use an 8-pin connector. Most PSUs have 4-pin connectors, and while the board will work with only a 4 pin connector, to be sure you have enough voltage on the 12V rail, I really recommend an 8-pin, AND/OR a 4-pin model with two 12V rails.


For example, these PSUs are perfect for virtually anything you can throw at the UD3(x) boards, and have no power problems:



1 x 12V(4+4Pin)



+12V Rails 2

1 x 12V(8Pin)




+12V Rails 2

1 x 8Pin EPS12V Connector




You can use just about any SATA optical drive- personally I like Samsung DVD drives, but you can use virtually any of them.

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