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USB problem on 10.5.6


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I've installed Leopard 10.5.5 trough iDeneb and i have upgraded to 10.5.6 through software update. This is when my problem appeared.


When I connect my iPhone nothing happens, it's not even charging. iPod Classic is recognised and mounts but immediately unmounts asking me to reinstall ipod software or something like that. All others peripheral devices connected to USB work fine.


I figured that my problem has something to do with usb drivers or something that was replaced when i ran software update. I've take AppleUSBTopCase.kext from 10.5.5 and installed it through Kext Helper. Right after that even without rebooting iPod and iPhones started to work properly just like it should, but after rebooting devices failed to recognise again. So now I have to install that kext everytime I connect iPod or iPhone in order to make them work.


I guess my solution may be totally wrong but at least it takes me where I want to. But still I'm looking for a better and less frustrating way to get rid of this little annoyance and I hope for you help in finding it.



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