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HP compaq v3646 whitelist help

alex MENG

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i have a HP compaq v3646 notebook with a mac unfriendly wireless card Intel3945. So i bought a bcm 4311 to replace it. however, when i turn the laptop, a 104 error appeared. it's disincluded in HP's whitelist.


here is my question.


is it possible to make a bios patch so that i can use my new wireless card(just like LRZRAGE'S patch for DV series)


if not, could anybody give me some guide to hack the bios, i've tried under the guide of this page http://www.rechner.org/b1800_bios.html, but failed.


many thanks!


here is the where i tried to change.(see it in the attachment)

red:Device&Subsys ID of my intel3945

Yellow:boardcom's(which are unchanged)


my bcm4311:PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_4312&SUBSYS_046614E4


i've changed the E4 14 11 43 into E4 14 12 43; 3c 10 74 13 into E4 14 66 04

is that right?


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