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Error Message! Help.


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Okay i have googled and tried iATKOS_5i and iDeneb_v1.4 and they keep giving of this message


"16384 buffer headers and 4094 cluster IO buffer headers"


i have tried using -x -v and CPUS=1 -v and also looked that the settings in the bios they seem to be okay.


so what do i do?

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UPDATE okay i done a reinstall and change what i used in the option on install it boots more but now i am getting this message what do i do??


i have tryed doing


-v -x


-v -x -f


and CPUS=1 -v


and it still come up so did not miss something on the install also this is iDeneb_v1.4_OSx86


Also my hardware


CPU: intel q6600

MB: asus p5q-pro


HERE ARE THE PHOTO'S WITH THE ERROR MESSAGE (yea there two as one mite not be easy to read)



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