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Resolution too high - can't change back!


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The driver worked fine. i changed the resolution too high and now everytime I boot i have black screen because my monitor doesn't support.


Another problem is that i can't boot without the DVD inside. With F8 i try lots of combinations and nothing worked.

At least if i was able to boot from the HDD partition without dvd maybe i would be able to change somehow the boot.plist file.


Can anybody tell me the exact boot comand to change back the resolution from root booting from DVD?


I have 10.4.5 and XP64 on two separate hard drives. No boot manager works. i tryed them all.

The partition with MAC OS on it show as active and i can't assign a letter to it.

C drive on the other HDD contains XP64 and i can not set it active or i don't know how.


Anybody can help me. i'm on it for 24h straight so i can't think anymore. Please.


see attachment pic


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