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possible sata issue?

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i know im new, but i have searched everywhere for info on this and cant seem to get a straight answer. i have been trying to get osx to work on my computer for quite some time. first i tried the marklar-tiger dvd. when i put that in i got an error that said "system config file '/com.apple.Boot.plist' not found"


so i tried the tiger-x86-flat.img way. i get a message stating


[hcicontroller][harwaresetupcomplete]failedsetup : 0x10

still waiting for root device


my mb is this


so is my problem the sata? ive seen a couple of .kext for 10.4.3 but honestly i dont even know what to do with them. right now i have 2 copies of osx and im not really sure what version they are... if anyone could help i would appreciate it...

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