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Overheating Northbridge?

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Hi everyone

I finally built my hackintosh to replace my poor innocent iBook. Anyways, its the Asus P5LD2-VM, a Pentium D 805, 1 GB Mushkin PC2-4300, a random UDMA/33 30 GB hard drive I found in the basement, generic MicroATX case, and a worn out DVD drive. This is the first day it has been running. Just a question to other owners of the board, does the Northbridge heatsink get excessively hot? Even at idle, mine got to hot to even touch. Is this a normal characteristic of the 945? If I place a table fan in front of it, the chipset is room temperature, even during 3D use! The case is a little cramped, there is nothing obstructing airflow though. The chipset from the feel has no airflowing over it at all.




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