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problem with chain0


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Hey I recently in the last few hours became interested in installing OSX on a PC. I read around and did it all right so it seems. Only problem is when I put chain0=blabla into boot.ini all seems well until I select it and it just jumps me right back to the boot menu. I know there's a darwin? bootmenu that pops up after but its definitely sending me back to the XP bootmenu =(.. can anybody help?


My system is a Dell Dimension 2350






ps. i didnt know there couldn't be questions until i read the thing but i looked around the web and saw a lot of people had the same problem so maybe it would be good to find a answer =)!!




I tried to install again (3rd time) I got it to start loading the darwin loader this time but then it shuts off the processor and saids i have to restart. also same problem with chain0

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