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ACPI panic in VMWare boot


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I've had my Dell Inspiron 6000d dual booting fine for a couple weeks now, but I decided to test it out with VMWare, as I'm getting a little tired rebooting every time I want to check a site out in Safari...


Installer DVD worked fine; I installed it on a virtual partition rather than risk messing up my nice clean dual boot partition. I ticked off the same options as my dual boot; SSE2, and the 10.4.5 upgrade...


Anyway, it went great until I tried to boot up...


I get the Darwin prompt, and it gets a fair way into the bootup, then comes to that multilingual screen telling me to reboot. Running with -v on, I got the following screen (b/w reversed to differentiate from the next image):



(For the record, I also tried pointing VMWare at my dual-boot partition as primary HD and the same error came back.)


I did some poking around these forums and Googled the various error messages, and came up with a possible fix in the VMWare config file...


acpi.present = "FALSE"


Unfortunately, that doesn't work, but it does give me a DIFFERENT error now in verbose mode:



It looks like I'm zeroing in on the problem, but I still can't seem to find the exact cause. I'm wondering if I should re-install OS X with the acpi.present in the .ini set to "FALSE"?


Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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I'm getting the same error when i try to boot natively.......


in vmware, OSX86 is working perfectly.......





Native boot error:



I'm really waiting to try out osx running natively....

pls if any thing can make this error go away, let me know......




AMD 64 2800+


GeForce FX 6600 256MB

80GB Seagate PATA HDD

120GB Samsung SATA HDD

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