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Zonet ZEN3200W

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Hi folks


I have ordered Zonet 10/100Mbps PCI Realtek 8139D WOL, will this work on my osx86 for shure?


I have built in VIA PCI 10/100 that is not supported so i bought D-Link DFE-530TX REV C1 and that did not work either, i think because it's maybe the version whith via chipset and not realtek 8139 (Cold not find out what chip it has) :/ so i hope this Zonet will work since osx is useless whithout internet connection....


By the was im using JaS 10.4.6 install dvd on AMD64 , Chaintech SK8T800 motherboard whith Via Chipset!


Thanks very much! :blink:

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I fount on forum someone has ZEN3200 but whithout W, i hope the W is only for Wake On Lan, then i have the same card as that guy and it should work.


I hope i will work automatic so i dont have to mess whith kext on 10.4.6


If it does not work at all i will get nutt.

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