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10A222 Server fun and games

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So I've got 10A222 Server on my macbook pro (early 2008) as of 2 hours ago, and initial impressions are good. Took some effort to install, booting into installer kept turning my backlight off as soon as it got to the first installer screen. Black screen that you could just see the interface in, if the ambiant light was just right. A full pram and smc reset fixed that problem, and it installed without a hitch.


I'm using my same home directory as the old leopard installation (it's on a seperate partition) and it seems to like that well enough, all my prefs seem to be in place, haven't noticed any problems on that front. The only thing it stuffed up was the time zone. I set it in the usual setup wizard after first installation, but then it had reset to los-angeles when I actually got into finder. Minor issue to be sure, once I'd changed it again in sys-prefs it held no worries.


The coolest thing though is 4 finger gestures are working on the trackpad. These apparently aren't possible on this old laptop (according to earlier apple reports) so who knows if this is a feature (upgrade to snow leopard for these features) or a bug (they forgot to disable kext support on the older trackpad hardware), either way I'm happy about it.


My boot camp partition still runs in vmware happily, so I can keep working no worries (need boot camp for engineering work).


I haven't tried any of the server stuff yet, but if I like them enough I'm planning on pushing work to migrate to an os-x server, because I'm the admin and would much prefer to manage an os-x based server than the current hodge-podge linux one I set up many years ago.


I must say, everything does feel snappier, which I am very happy with. Hopefully I'll find an upgrade before the serial runs out on feb 28.



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Found one bug (repeatable issue) with the iSight drivers. In Photo Booth selecting iSight as the source brings up a screen of garbled gui elements (ie no actual video). The garble shifts and changes but is always a mess. In Quicktime Broadcaster selecting iSight as the source brings a kernel panic. Using my external webcam for either program works fine.

Other than that everything seems to be running fine still.

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