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Tips: back up ur copy of working osx86


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Hi all,


I think it's important to make a backup copy of our working osx86 after a successful installation and patching of the system, especially before u are going to try something risky. For example, i screwed up my osx86 installation badly while trying to stretch my 6 gig partition. Luckily, i have a backup of my running osx86 image, and all it takes to restore it is a 5 minutes dd using my windows xp.


To make a backup of ur running osx86, just do a reverse dd and save it in ur windows partition/hdd.


example in windows dd:-


c:\DD> dd bs=1048576 if=\\?\Device\Harddisk0\Partition0 of=d:\tiger-x86-backup.img --progress


NOTE: this is only a sample command, u should replace the path to ur own osx86 harddisk and saving destination cum file name. the --progress behind is basically used to show the progress of dd


it only takes less than 5 minutes to backup a 6 gig partition for me.




Edit: backup is only recommended for small partition osx86 aka the 6 gig one since it not only takes up harddisk space, it is also very time consuming for big partition. Also, by doing this backup, u can now happily delete the tiger-x86-flat.img which is not customized to ur pc and use ur backup instead.

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