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Sony Vaio VGN-T350p

Intel Pentium M 753 @ 1.2ghz

512mb RAM onboard shared w/ Intel 855GME graphics chipset.


1) Deadmoo ISO (Marklar-Tiger.iso)

2) Changed string at 0x7D64C0 from 53B801 to 33C0C3.

- This step worked. I can successfully get to a boot options screen.

3) I've replaced the original mach_kernel file with maxxuss's v 4_1 and well as


cp patched/CoreGraphics $CGDIR/CoreGraphics

chown root:wheel $CGDIR/CoreGraphics

echo "-> Pre-patched file installed: $CGDIR/CoreGraphics"


cp patched/libSystem.B.dylib $LSDIR/libSystem.B.dylib

chown root:wheel $LSDIR/libSystem.B.dylib

echo "-> Pre-patched file installed: $LSDIR/libSystem.B.dylib"


cp patched/oah750 $OADIR/oah750

chown root:wheel $OADIR/oah750

echo "-> Pre-patched file installed: $OADIR/oah750"


where CGDIR="/System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/CoreGraphics.framework/Versions/A"




by hand using transmac. I also used transmac to apply the osxx86 patch 2+3 through a similar fashion by following the script and using transmac to replace files.


That all said and done I've gone through 12 dvd coasters, each time burning a new image with advice such as removing the ATIDriver.kext file(s), as well as experimenting with which patches not to use. I'm not getting anywhere.


I've come across three different scenarios --


1) I boot using the -v flag, and it gets as far as loading extensions (...as many as it can.. some clearly fail) -> begins to launch a debugger and bam - kdp_poll: no debugger device


2) In a vain attempt to get by this I read suggestions that I run with the -s bootflag instead. Leads me through the same hell, begins loading {censored} in a ramdisk, then launches the crash reporter, and fails.


3) Booting w/o any flags - Get to the lurvely spinning gray screen and sit... and sit... and sit...


I'm stuck and quite frustrated.. I should've bought the powerbook. If anyone has any solutions I'd be more than thankful.

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