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Osx86 Without Intel:

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For my whole life, I've been a loyal Mac user (I was born the day after New Year's 1985. When my mom discovered that she was pregnant, my parents' first purchase to prepare for my birth was a computer. They chose a Mac and I'm forever grateful that they did.) However, I am NOT a fan of Intel. I consider their architecture to be grossly inefficient, which is the result of many things, including their less-than-impressive performance at branch prediction. I know that Advanced Micro Devices has a MUCH better track record with branch prediction than Intel. My question becomes this: Is it possible to build, from scratch, an x86 box with no major components that bear the Intel brand name? (I don't mind their chips being used in minor places where they don't impact performance as heavily, but I don't want an Intel graphics card. I'd rather have a graphics card with a reputation for good performance, and as extensive of support with OSx86 as possible) I've researched the AMD Opteron, and the Opteron "Italy" chipset looks VERY promising to me. Are there any motherboards supported by OSx86 that can accomodate this processor, and more importantly, are there good hardware accelerated graphics and audio cards that can provide me with good video and audio output to monitor and speakers? I want more than just currently known combinations that work. I want to speculate. For starters, has anyone tried that new ATi Radeon 9600 that is designed to run in either a Windows PC OR on a G4 OR G5 Mac? If it works on both types of computers, then it might run with hardware acceleration on OSx86, perhaps, yes? Also, I saw that the 3Dfx Voodoo4 4500 AGP worked with OSx86, albeit without hardware acceleration. Perhaps a Voodoo5 5500 AGP could work too. Even if that Voodoo4 didn't have hardware acceleration it's still a milestone because it's the first time that anyone has gotten hardware from 3Dfx to work with Mac OS X to my knowledge. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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