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laptop touchpad hardware hack

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laptop touchpad hardware hack


currently have problem with my touchpad,... dell E6500 dual touchpad touchstick


so my temporary fix,...

has touch click, back click, scrolling,...






would be cool to replace the original touchpad,... but probably to much of a hack, and not enough room,..


works great, ehm, looks like,...


what you think ?

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that is easily the most ridiculous looking thing i have seen in a while... but after cruising this site for an hour and a half looking for something i will have to say it made me smile :).... good job with it and good luck!

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anybody have sourcecode, for touchpads ?


really would like the driver fixed. the laptop touchpad goes spastic, before sleep wake,

but also trying to get 10.5.6 going, and touchpad is dead in the water, no sleep/wake,...



note: for E6400/E6500/M4400

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You mind posting how you did that?

And does that thing support multitouch? If it is, I might consider cutting the palm rest to fit that...

Does windows support it?

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it's an ergonimic touchpad usb


did get an new palmrest, to possible take out the old one, and cut the palmrest, to fit it in,...

but this one is large, has a couple of bumps on the buttom, from cable attachment, connector for ps2, and chips,

so not fully flat, there is a smaller version of this, they never answered email, for docu, or getting one without all the cable and velcro,...


multitouch, can't really test it, since I used a old modded ps2 kext, and jave no control,

it has building scroll on the right side, horizontal scroll on bottom, and right top corner for right mouse, back ,


it be slick, to get the smaller version, as to have the room, to take out the original touchpad, and wire it directly into the old ps2 wires, otherwise, you'd have to connect the usb, to an internal port, what means taking the whole laptop motherboard out, or to get the usb cable through some opening out, and feed it back into a port,

could be messy, think the best way , to use the onboard ps2 port, but it's an mini flat ribbon connector.


on my E6500, the keyboard extents, has those to extra buttons for the touchstick, what makes it more complicated.

on other laptops, should work just fine, with minimal mod, thought , you'd still need to mode the palrest, and make a custom cable, so you could get a new palmrest, and put it back together.


the other thing, if it can't be lowered enough, (smaller one should) then the lid latch won't work properly


hey, this is an hack,.... even with hardware now



- expresscard SD adapter, even can boot from it, still sleeps with it

- expresscard firewire 800

- expresscard esata 2 port, might even work with multiplier boxes


remind me, pm, to post some pictures of the backside of it, if really interested, to hack the palmrest.

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I'm thinking that we should replace the E6400 touchpad with another, quite similar Dell touchpad. I have a D630 also, and that touchpad has almost the exact dimensions of the E6400's. Unfortunately, that's a business machine, and although I can confirm that it has ALPS, I really can't test it in OSX.


However, the XPS M1330 and M1530 have Synaptics that look to be a similar size to the E6400. I'll find someone who has one and measure - if the cable is the same as well, in theory it should be plug and play (if it turns out to be the same size). I'll update as I go along.

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