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Install guide for iDeneb 10.5.5 + P5Q + Geforce 8500GT + Dual boot (XP/OSX) on AHCI

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Ok si parte:


Si necessita di:

Need of:


1 - IDeneb DVD

2 - drive from this post: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...p;mode=threaded

3 - 2 HD sata2 drive

4 - usb stick.

5 - Patched BIOS for P5Q from:http://osrom.net/biosmod/

6 - Win xp cd

7 - Floppy whit ICH10R AHCI/RAID drive provided from ASUS matherboard cd

8 - Chain0 file


note- XP non riconosce bene i dischi se nel BIOS si è scelto AHCI configuration. Quindi, per risolvere il problema useremo RAID.

note - XP don't recognize HD if was set AHCI on matherbord BIOS. For this issue was use RAID configuration.


Ok si parte:

Act now:


1 - Patch BIOS by press CANC on BOOT an after enter in the BIOS choose utility menu and then select FLASH Utility. For detail HOW TO see ASUS website.


1a - Connet first HD only... for now


2 - Reboot and and come back to BIOS, now on MAIN menu go to Storage configuration and choose Configure SATA as AHCI. Now go to Boot menu and select DVD as first boot device, F10 and Y


3 - Put Ideneb DVD and wait first window, choose languages an then go to utilies menu-Disk Uitility


4 - Partitioning HD HFS+ Journaled and MBR master boot record (if choose GUID chain0 fails)


5 - Install osxx86 with - ICHxFixed - JmicronATA - AppleSMBIOS like yor RAM frequency - ACPI-Fix - POWER-Off-fix - NVinject_0.2.1GB - All IDeneb Application.


6 - Boot from HD


7 - Prepare KEXT fom poin 2 to USB STICK


8 - Plug USB on new mac, copy kext on desktop,expand it, run KextHelper and install all two kext inside AHCIFixv2_withkext folder


9 - Shut down computer, plug second HD, switch on, press canc and enter in bios, go to main menu, select Storage configuration and choose Configure SATA as RAID


10 Reboot. If do exactly tiger now boot in RAID mode.


Configure some thing whit osx86tools and audio with P45Adio.zip; you can find this on insanely.


11 - Unplug Leopard HD, PLUG second HD and boot with WinXP CD


12 - After BOOT press F6 at soon possible


13 - When Ask put disk floppy and choose ICH10R AHCI RAID Controller drive and press anter.


14 - Wait winzzoz installation complete etc etc.


15 - Copy chain0 to C: - Edit Boot.ini and add C:\chain0="Leopard" (look on insanely guide for detail)


16 - OFF computer


17 - Plug Leopard HD


18 - ON


19 - enjoy

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