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Dell D-800 Installation almost works, what's going wrong ?


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First of all I want to say I really like this community. So much information ! I bing thumps up for that !


Here's my problem. I've installed Leo4allV3 on a Dell Lattitude D-800 laptop. At the wiki there are several tutorials how to install Leopard on this laptop, and I followed them as closely as possible. I've installed Leo4allV3 on a new harddrive, with no windows or other programs on it.


The Leo4all DVD boots up just fine. First of all I created an Mac OS Extended (journaled) partion. No other partition, the whole 100 GB drive is assigned to this partition.


I choose customized installation. I selected the Kernel-9.2.0 and for the third party drivers only the Intel-IHCx chipset drivers and the AC97 audio drivers. For ACPIP-Platform I choose for the Old-ACPIP-Platfor, as this is an older Laptop. For the rest, I didn't install smsbios or powermanament. I did install aboutthismac.


The system installs just fine with these settings. After 25 minutes I get the message Installation Succesful. The system then suggest to reboot. I just wait for the system to reboot, and after that OSX boots ! I can fill in my account information etc. You know, all the things you see when you boot for the first time. After filling in all this information (I selected this mac doesn't connect to the internet) I'm actually in the desktop of OSX ! I can do everything ! Exploring, starting up I-tunes etc.


My problem is, after I reboot the system won't boot anymore ! I get a panic warning and the system just doesn't boot anymore !


I could write down all diagnostic messages, but I don't think that would be wise.


Anybody who knows what to look for ? Should I modify some things when I'm actually in OSX ? Booting in X-mode S-mode etc doesn't work after I get this message.


Help is very much aprreciated !


Many thanks in advance. I promise I will write down a good tutorial when all thing's are working well !



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btw, I haved installed OSX again and I'm in OSX right now. I just keep the laptop turned on. As long as I don't reboot I'll stay in OSX. Why does it boot directly after install, but not after I have rebooted ?


I'm preparing this OSX installation for my younger brother. He desperately wants a Mac, but he aint got the money to buy one. I'm doing this to surprise him. I hope I'll succeed !


Help appreciated ! :D

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