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leo4all / root device error


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Hi all I am new here and I am having troubles with the installation. My specs are:

HP/Compaq Preserio Desktop



NIVIDIA nForce 512 MB video card


I currently have vista on my computer and have been following all instructions to install.


My first problem is when I try to install iATKOS 4a the white text scrolls down the screen and it stops at


'still waiting for root device'

What does this mean and how can this be fixed any answers will be greatly appreciated.


I think i know what happened the place I downloaded the file off lied about the version, this is actually iATKOS v2i so it is completely incompatible. If any could please tell me if there is a patch for the version I currently have or, if you could tell me what version will work for my computer.


My second problem was with kalaway. The white text would scroll down the screen and it would get to:


unknown sigsegv code 0

It would stay there and the DVD would eventually stop spinning.


My third problem was with Leo4All the whit text would scroll down the screen and it would have the same effect as the first problem it would stop and say:

still waiting for root device.


I have no idea what to do. I am really stuck. Please help me any comment will be greatly appricated. For more information about my computer go here:


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hi guys i bought a mac compatible usb DVD drive now when i load the dvd it says :


System config file '/com.apple.Boot.plist' not found


it is not the DVD because it works on my brother laptop what can I do any suggestions please help.

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