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Can I change SPDIF L/R Balance?


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Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L 2.0, Leo4all V3 (netkas kernel) 10.5.2. I have the ALC888 driver and it works great, sounds good too. However I use an Audigy2 under windows that only has analog connectors for my Logitech Z680. I tired of having to switch them to the analog jacks for the ALC888 whenever I rebooted into OSX, so I bought a SPDIF cable. Hooked it up and it works great, stereo only but thats enough for me. However there is no option to adjust left/right balance. I'm using the realtek drivers that Leo4all V3 comes with so nothing hacked or anything. Is there a way to adjust L/R as its pretty crucial for me (especially with headphones). Thanks!

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