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smb/cifs kills networking on Kalyway 10.5.2 + Dell


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My friend and I each installed the Kalyway 10.5.2 installation on our Dell e1505 (which is quite similar to Dell Inspiron 6400). After running the post installation script, all seems to work well other than the known issue of wireless.


However, we are both experiencing something that I haven't seen mention of on these forums and I wanted to see if we could perhaps get some help/opinions. Our issues have been identical which has at least been somewhat helpful in trying to track the solutions down. We can both do standard networking just fine on a wired network using the Broadcom 440x. However, we both have to connect to a Windows box via smb/cifs to do development work. Something about that connection completely nukes our networking. We still have a bound IP address, but cannot even ping the gateway on the same subnet. In fact, we can't even ping the IP address that is assigned to our machine, although still replies. On rare occassions, we can do $sudo ifconfig en0 [up/down] and get limited connectivity back (not including the shares), but inevitably we end up having to restart the computer.


Has anyone else experienced this or have any advice that might help us figure it out?

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