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Pentium D 915

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I have Atkos v4 installed on my ga-965p-ds3. Works great with some advice I found in searchng the forums here. Boot times are within 45 seconds, My Ati HD 3870 works great...So far, so good...My questions are with issues with sleep (acpi?), and speedstep.


So this is my question....(and I have searched, but Pentium D yeilds to many single core cpu topics...)


What, if any kernals for speedstep with my CPU...and is ACPI relative to CPU, or board, or both? Or does the independant Speedstep by "tuxx" work?


Thanks for the help, this site has a wealth of knowledgeable people.


Brand  	Intel
Processors Type 	Desktop
Series 	Pentium D
Model 	BX80553915
CPU Socket Type 	LGA 775
Core 	Presler
Multi-Core 	Dual-Core
Pentium D 915
Operating Frequency 	2.8GHz
FSB 	800MHz
L2 Cache 	2 x 2MB
Manufacturing Tech 	65 nm
64 bit Support 	Yes
Hyper-Threading Support 	No
Virtualization Technology Support 	No
Multimedia Instruction 	MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, EM64T

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