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Triple Boot: XP+Vista (1st disk) and OSx86 (2nd disk)

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Hello everybody.


I have 1st disk with 3 primary partitions (NTFS) with XP, Vista and the last one to store files.

I have a 2nd disk where i want to install OSx86. It was a primary partition too but i cant boot to it.


I installed first XP, then Vista and finally OSx86 (iatkos v4 10.5.4). It seems that darwin bootloader can't install and there is no entrie in bootloader of Vista; it only references XP and Vista Operating Systems.


Is there a way to fix this? I'm installing this in the correct order?


Help appreciated!



Thanks in advanced,


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I know this may sound silly however are you selecting a kernel/boot loader when installing osx86?


Also have you setup dual/tri booting with osx86 via easybcd or manually?


All i did to get it working, is copy the chain0 file from the osx dvd, add the selection with easy bcd and set my vista partition as active.


Other than this, is there any other errors?

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Doesn't your Mainboard have boot options on the BIOS?

Then you can just pick which HDD you would like to boot from! If you are going to keep the two OS'es on separate drives, there would be no need for EasyBCD or any other software mods. You can even get VMware to see the XP drive as a bootcamp partition!


My BIOS uses F8 then I can choose the drive!



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I think this problem is solved!


I started all over again. Deleted all partitions and installed 1st XP and in 2nd Vista on 1st hard disk.


The boot loader installed in last was from Vista, of course.


Then installed Mac OSx86. In disk utility i created the partition in 2nd hard disk with MBR option and journaled.


Selected options on my iatkos 10.5.4. DVD:

1. main system (selected by default)

2. darwin bootloader (selected by default)

3. Drivers -> system -> sata (don't know if is necessary)

4. additional patches -> remove thermal kexts (don't know if is necessary)

5. additional patches -> darwin x86 for MBR (Non-EFI) (don't know if is necessary)


All went well regarding installation.


Then i booted vista and installed easybcd to put an entry of my MAC OS. Well that wasn't easy because the entry made by that software wasn't right.


What i did was following this instructions that i found on the web:


Next, you can either follow the command line BCDEDIT instructions below.


Copy CHAIN0 from your Mac OS X partition or Installation Disc to the root of your Vista partition C:\.


Make sure you have elevated privileges, press WIN+R to open Run, then type cmd to open the command prompt.

Type these commands exactly:

Note: If BCDEDIT does not work for booting OS X, skip this section as you can alternatively use Darwin's F8 Boot Loader.


bcdedit /copy {current} /d "Mac OS X"

Copies information from Vista to use as basis for Mac OS X Boot Loader


bcdedit /enum active

Enumerates the selectable OS' from Vista's Boot Loader


bcdedit /set {YOUR-GUID-HERE} PATH \chain0

Replace {YOUR-GUID-HERE} with the ID that is listed for Mac OS X under the enumerated list


Then i rebooted and my boot loader was showing xp, vista and mac os. I selected this one but booting mac was giving me an error before gray screen appears.


I decided to install mac os again but this time without option 5. additional patches -> darwin x86 for MBR (Non-EFI) (don't know if is necessary).


And voilá!


My mac gained life!!!

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