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Installation Problem

Fatty Matty

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Hey Guys,


New to this forum and new to os x on a pc as well. been doing pretty well so far or at least i thought but came accoss an issue tonight i was hoping someone might be able to help me thru.


I've gone into the installer but when i click on the partition i want to use for my mac os x one which in my case is oartition 2, as my xp is on partition 1. and i formated the 2nd partition to fat32 previously as noted in install guide but when i go to erase and format to mac os extended (journaled) it starts but quickly stops and says invailad agument or something like that if you need to know exact phrase i can redo the install because it does it each time


thanks in advance for you guys help




also just noticed that when i go to disk utilities it doesnt have partition tab

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