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please help with basic DB questions

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So I currently have a working osx86 running on an intel board with 10.5.2 , logic pro, and even final cut pro working perfectly!


I also have a $3000 real 8 core mac pro, which I plan to sell on ebay, because after 6 months of using the hackintosh I see its faster then my 8 core but thats another story!


anyways, I like to play alot of video games and the 8 core macpro has been running bootcamp great for almost a year.


I would like to also dual boot on my hackintosh , but dont know how it works.



for example, I would like to run my current set up and just add a second hard drive and dual boot WINDOWS XP.


can this be done?


are there any kind of special apps that make this process easier?

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