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good starting point for install please comment


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Below is what i have in my shuttle xpc SB51G computer want to get osx installed for video editing ( no hd video editing ) and a few other osx programs i miss since my mac book ti crapped out on me ( still have the orig install disk if it helps i think they are 10.4.5 but on cd)


P4 2.66 CPU 1 G PC3200 Kingston RAM

Sapphire Radeon ATI 9600 video card with VGA, DVI outputs (about 5x faster than stock video or Shuttle DVI card). The video card is fanless, and silent.

linksys pci wmp54g wifi card ( also has realtek cat5 )

PSU: PC50 300W

The HD: WD WD5000AAJB,


i want to have the harddrive split 100 gigs for windows and the rest for osx


i have been looking over the wiki but just wanted to run this past all of the gurus


only thing im having problems is locating the iso been searching the in the right places but mabe just not typing in the correct terms ( any one with a direct link )


thanks for all the help!!!






forgot to add the ati card -- dvi was going to hook up to my 32" tv via a dvi to hdmi connector ( would be cool to have such a large edit monitor -- hope it will take the resolution im fine with stock )

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