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Dell 6400 GMA950 Artifacts


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I know there are about 2000 threads that have fixes for the GMA950 Graphics so that there are no artifacts etc, but all the ones i've tried have failed and silly as i am, i didn't back-up any kexts so i had to do a fresh install everytime ;) ,


So, what am i asking?

Well, Im' just wondering from any Dell 6400 Users which one they found to work with my spec and hopefully i can get mine working too!


My Spec;


Dell 6400; Leopard 10.5.2


1.73GHz Intel Core Duo


Graphics: GMA950

Sound: Stac92XX

Install method: Kalyway 10.5.2

Mach_Kernel: 9.2 (modded to get both cores working)[TSC sync XNU patch]



If you can help thanks :D

And i know you'll all just tell me to search, but i just want to get it right this time!




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