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For those of you with the Hard-Drive problem.


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I've recently experienced this errror, and i know why.


Well basically i tried installing this twice, two different version's.


10.5.2 and 10.4.8, now both of them didn't work, so i thought i might aswell try it on my laptop, and after some configuring etc, 10.4.8 shown up the hard-drives on my laptop, i asked another family member whether i would be able to try it out on their laptops. (Knowing that their hard-drives where IDE hard-drives), and both times the hard-drives appeared under Disk Utilities.


So what i'm telling you guys is, unless you've got an older IDE hard-drive, your going to have a HELL of a time installing these O/S' on your computer.


Mac isn't set up to work well with the new SATAII set-up's unless you are officially using a MAC computer.


So my advice is the following;


- Buy a SATA CD/DVD drive r/rw would be a bonus, (Do not buy one that requires Parallel/Serial/IDE connection)

- Go with a 7200RPM old IDE type hard-drive, it will save you money and will work with most Hackintosh set-ups.


If you do this you will be able to detect your hard-drive, and you will be able to use the macs that you've wanted to use for so long.


I wouldn't go out and do this if you don't have the money to throw around.


I hope this helped.




PS: If you do have the money, help fund mac and go out and buy a Macintosh computer.

(Which is what i was forced to do after i saw the raw awesomeness of Mac)


Take care.

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Although there are some truths in your statement,

All the new Distro's support all(most) controllers!

Sadly the Distro's you refer to does not but one is rather advised to buy good technology for speed and reliability and get a newer OS install version than trying to stick with and older DVD with slower equipment.


Try downloading iDeneb's latest version and you will find that it might even support your 4-slice Toaster!!(not proven though) <_<



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Most SATA II (terrible name, what we really mean is 300 MB/s) drives have a jumper to knock it back down to 150 MB/s. But I had no problem installing iDeneb 10.5.4 on my brand new drive once I changed it to AHCI in the BIOS. Did you forget this?

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