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Trouble Triple-Booting

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I'm having some issues triple-booting, although I suspect that my issue may not be due to the fact that I am triple-booting. I am using Kalyway 10.5.2. I have used this before to dual-boot with XP as well as dual-boot with Vista. Now I was dual-booting XP and Vista and wanted to get OSX86 on there as well.


I initially had three partitions- one for XP, one for Vista, and one for Data. So, I went into disk management in Vista and shrank the Vista partition. This created a new partition on which I installed os x using the Kalyway CD. After it installed, it rebooted but was unable to start up os x for some reason. I put in the Vista DVD and was able to repair the boot-loader, because it was saying no operating system found. Now, I am back to Vista and XP although I have a new partition (G) on which I am ammusing os x installed on but don't know how/if I can boot it.


Any help would be appreciated.


I tried to do the following:


Type diskpart in the run dialog.

Type "select disk 0" & hit enter where 0 is the number of your disk

Type "select partition 3" & hit enter where 3 is the number of the OSX partition

Type "active" & hit enter, this makes that partition active.

Type "exit" and hit enter.


However, I got an error when I typed "active" because apparently the partition with osx is not primary. What do I need to do?

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