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USB KVM for Apple USB Keyboard and usb mouse


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I'm using Aten CS17xx series USB KVM (I tested both 2 and 4 ports VGA version ) with some usb keyboards and logitec wheel mouse.

Here, I give you short review.


I cannot see any difference of screen quality between with or without KVM up to 1600x1200.

I do not have any larger display :-(

Most of the function works fine, but usb hub switching function seems to be a source of problem.

I do not recomend to use built-in usb hub to share usb devices among the consoles.


The keyboards, I tested are below.

Apple usb keybord (which came with G4 MMD)

Apple ADB extended keyboard with iMate usb adaptor (The best keyboard I have ever)

Happy Hacking keyboard lite usb

IBM spacesaverII with PS/2 to USB adaptor

All the keyboards work fine both nomal keys and fn keys.

Both Apple keyboards are fully working including powerkey shutdown on OSX as well as working perfect under Windows XP, linux and Sun's solaris.

wheel mouse works 3 bottun and wheel function.


I also tested prinston's usb kvm but it was unstable.

The Aten's KVMs are twice as expensive as among others. However, it is the only choice if you use usb keyboard and resolution higher than 1280x1024 as far as I know .

2 or 4 ports single DVI and Dual DVI (yes, it's for dual head!) versions are alos available. (not tested)

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