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:boxing: Hi All,


I wanted to start this topic because i've seen a lot of other topics regarding such and such a brand and their specific installations and all that nonsense so i figured i'd start a thread for those of us with hp hackintoshes to discuss...well...everything :D . I mean i'm assuming i'm not the only one riiight?!?! Alas..I am, as of about 4 weeks ago, a complete novice to the world of OSx86 and hackintosh, but I recently finished my installation on my HP pavilion dv6000. I used iATKOS v4i and followed this guide: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=119654 which is actually for dell xps models haha. Everything works perfectly. Sound, graphics, touchpad, keyboard, usb ports... the only thing i'm having problems with is internet :help: . I cannot connect via Ethernet OR wireless. It's driving me crazy i've been working for about 3 days and i've looked every where on all forums and still haven't found any solution to my problems. So if anyone has any solutions or could point me in the right directions that'd be a huge help!


And if anyone has questions, hopefully i can help you with your HP install as well!!


and for you newer memebers...liiiike me!...KEEP READING! read as much as possible about this stuff...i mean hey that's how i figured it out ;) .

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