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Using 10.5.4


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:unsure: Hello all, I have an HP Pavilion Entertainment PC... 3GB Ram, 160GB HD, Intel Duo Core @1.66GHz... nVidia 8300


I'm using iATKOS v4i


I have been reading the post and have not seen anyone using this version yet.. I have been trying to install this HACMAC sice yesterday morning and have tried the steps indicated in the installation... but after all install is processed, it reboots, shows the apple logo then the screen goes black... Is there anything i might be missing from the install or not clicking...


The notes in the install state:

  • This release also includes Darwin EFI Emulation boot for MBR (Master Boot Record) hard drives. Intel Core CPUs can use stock kernel and stock ACI Platform with EFI emulation on MBR and with GPT. This increases stability and performance.
  • Intel core Duo processors have appropriate SpeedStep Technology which is stable in OS X. If you have such processor, you can enable throttling feature using the “Speedstep” package which you can find under system drivers section. Don’t select any of the kernels with Speedstep support If you don’t want to have Kernel panic.

I'm wondering what is it am I missing... :censored2: Can anyone help?

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