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PreSonus Firestudio & Logic 8


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Few days ago I wrote about problem with Echo Layla24 on PCI and I get reply there is no way to make it working with my hacklle 10.5.2 ;)

So now I have Presonus Firestudio and also new problems included. Under WinXP it works fine. Under Kalyway 10.5.2 somethig goes bad. Step by step:

- After first installation, multitrack recording was working well but without any outputs.

- I`ve tried to upgrade drivers from presonus and mulititrack session won`t start, but output works fine (itunes, quicktime etc) I`ve recived this type of message from Logic:" There is a problem or conflict with Third Party drivers or midi drivers and it hangs" Only force shut down works. System preferences shows firewire hardware ok.

Does anyone had some similar situation? Maybe there are some other better drivers? My friend said that presonus has got in general problems with drivers.

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