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Sound Degrades on 10.5.2 (SoundBlaster Live Card)


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I just installed on an MSI EP45-DS3R, using Kalyway. Everything went well, but choosing the 889A sound driver did not work. I plugged in an old SB Live and and it worked instantly, so I just left it.


Now that I am using the system, I noticed the same behavior in both iTunes and watching Flash movies on Firefox. The movies or the songs start correctly, but after a while they start to have a little tinny sound, then gets worse and then degrades to the point where there's just the occaisional pop or momentary clip. If I pause iTunes for a moment, then things are OK.


I am new to the Mac, so I am not sure how to start troubleshooting this.


I am open to losing the SB card and getting the onboard audio to work (I was eventually going to try that) but I have no idea how to deal with drivers on OSX. If anyone has an idea what this problem is, or if they can point me to some info on getting the on-board to work, I would appreciate it.

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