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How to disable firewire on motherboard?


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After I installed kalyway 10.5.2 I immeditily installed Final cut studio 2.

I found out that all the apps except final cut 6 are working.


I think that the firewire on the motherboard causes the trouble.

Let me explain why I think my firewire is the problem.

When I plug in a external harddisk on a working MAC OS into a firewire slot the MAC OS will crash.

But when I plug in the harddisk before I started the OS, the MAC OS works perfectly with the firewire harddisks.


While opening Final cut Studio Pro 6 I see the program fully loading. But the last window asks me to setup the videopreferences. I only can choose for the options which have the firewire audio and video playback.


Is there an oppertunity to disable the firewire and get a working final cut app?


The hardware I'm using:

intel pentium 4 3 GH


Geforce 7800 GS

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